Software Solutions

The CC1 suite of solutions is designed to be used either as an end-to-end solution or where required as stand-alone units. We can also provide bespoke solutions using the platform as a starting point and build to specific requirements. Adaptability is a PCR core strength. 

Origin & Field Force

Out module dedicated to managing a sustainability programme in agricultural industry. Suitable for Certification bodies, Government programmes, Cooperatives, Exporters, Social Donors, Traders etc.


Our tools dedicated to monitoring quality in agricultural industry. Designed for use by Coops, Quality Control Bodies, Exporters, Traders, Industries, Warehouses, Processors, Roasters etc.

Warehouse & Logistics

Our functional suite for controlling stock in warehouses, on ships and trucks. Products can be held and accounted for in multiple units of measure. Traceability and tracking solutions support end to end supply chains. 

Trading & Hedging

Our Commodity Trade Risk Management  (CTRM)  System. Powerful and scalable trading system to manage contract administration, shipping, hedging (Futures and FX), risk position and accounting. 


The functional group dedicated to taking primary commodities to their intermediate or final state, used to track blending, pressing, roasting and production units through stock and accounting. 

Data Platform

The Caja Data Platform (CDP) underpins all of the functional suites to master all records and data relating to the end to end supply chain; origination through trading and processing all held in the same platform.