CC1 Origin

Business Challenge : Manage Wide Portfolios of Origin Data

Capturing data at the outset of a primary resource transaction is critical to managing the process of supplying quality products are the right specification in a timely fashion. CC1 Origin aggregates all data gathered using CC1 Collect and provides a global overview of origination from farms, mines and other sources. 

Purchasing Solution

CC1 Collect allows buyers in the field or at markets to capture the profile of a new counterparty and then to process a purchase of materials. If the buyer is procuring from a known farmer or miner, contracts can be established directly and sent to CC1 Origin; new counterparties are registered for traceability and payment details. Further, product is marked with traceability QR code for onward tracking and traceability. 

Data Capture & Survey Structure

CC1 Origin structures the data capture process in CC1 Collect. The data architecture required for the Origin counterparty and the questions included in surveys and information channels. All originators are given a profile, to which information can be attached about their resources, land site, family, buildings, essentially everything that they use to operate. 

Data Analysis & Reporting

Data captured in CC1 Origin is processed to provide information for value chain management and to be shared with origination communities. Decision support is powered by tackling mission statements and business rules with targeted reports and graphics. This all adds up to a platform tailored to tracking specific challenges and their targeted responses. 

Geo-Shape Plotting

CC1 Collect allows the originator to capture the GPS coordinates of his resource. CC1 Origin projects the GPS data on to a global mapping solution of the clients choice. We use What3Words, Google Earth and Microsoft Maps to provide the best layers of data available that match to the originator's resources. 

Training & Development Programme

All originators can be supported with a profiling of their training undertaken and a plan of training needs. Sustainability and certification processes are recorded to ensure that the yield and quality of the originator resource is improved as part of a embedding a commercial skill set.