CC1 Process

Business Challenge : Manage Value Adding Processes

Once raw materials are received against a contract to their point of industrial consumption they may be passed through industry specific processes from one stock type to another, showing yield and monitoring waste : Crush, Press, Smelt, Purify, Blend. 


Monitor the value-add processes such as roasting as batches into a process and intermediate or semi-finished batches out. Ensure stock quality is recorded correctly.  

Blending & Packaging

Take intermediate products and combine using bill of materials or recipes to achieve a finished product ready for industrial or retail consumers. 

Finished Product

Combine packaging elements with processed goods to finish the value adding manufacturing process. Take account of waste and adjustments in stock. 

Financial Accounting

Crush, press, smelt, mill and blend operations can be reported to the profit & loss and balance sheet within CC1 Trade. Data can also be integrated with corporate accounting solutions such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and other ERP's.