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Commodities Agri-Development


Meeting rural communities challenges and improving smallholder’s livelihoods

FarmStrong Foundation programs focus on designing, implementing and monitoring of sustainable integrated agricultural & production systems combined with sustainable rural development programs, in countries like Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Philippines, Ecuador and Colombia.

AI Crop Image Analyser

Plantix is a mobile crop advisory app for farmers and horticulturists. It can diagnose plant disease, pest damage and nutrient deficiencies affecting crops and offers guidance on treatment. Users  participate in the online community to network with other farmers. and access their local weather reports. 

BI for Trading & Supply Chain


TRADESPARENT is an integrated Data & Analytics Solution with its roots in the commodity trade and processing industry. It easily and quickly unifies, collects and harmonizes any type of business data from CTRM, ERP, Finance systems and/or excel spreadsheets across all business levels (mid, front and back office.