CC1 Warehouse

Business Challenge : Integrated Multi-Country Warehousing

The integration from originator to stock is most critical when product is received to the warehouse in a value chain. Only at this time is quality and quantity realised so that pricing and agreed contractual commitments can be assessed. CC1 Warehouse is an integrated product flow element of the purchasing, contract and logistics modules, providing electronic receipts and financial accounting instructions. 

Aggregated Stock Position

CC1 Warehouse helps companies to operate a scalable warehouse footprint by adding locations to the warehouse master. Locations can be profiled in many different ways from static to mobile stocks. All locations are aggregated in easy to use views with filtering and reports for financial and operational reporting. 

Warehouse Receipts

The receipting process of purchases to stock can facilitate a number of integration messages to process payments, certification and insurance. Stock receipts automatically updated stock positions and locations. Bar-Code/QR-code tracking can be used to improve accuracy and speed of logging and put-away processes. 

Stock Overview

Gather all stock information from all warehouses into a single report or inquiry screen to show grades and quantities for operations and accounting. Real time warehouse receipting improves the ability to allocate and optimise stock positions and logistics scheduling. 


Stocks can be easily allocated and reserved for use against specific contracts that require a nominated grade or scheduling window. Global stock overview allows for grade and time window arbitrage, providing a total view of possible  fulfilment options. 

Financial Integration

Physical stocks and adjustments are be reported to the profit & loss and balance sheet within CC1 Trade. Data can also be integrated with corporate accounting solutions such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and other ERP's.