Caja Data Platform

Business Challenge : End to End Data Visualisation

The CIO and IT department have a constant range of services they need to support from capturing data to securing devices and developing new solutions. The Caja Data Platform (CDP) is the integration between all modules of CC1. It receives data from all the User modules to an industry standard database, using a secure protocol, with a versatile approach to data management. It forms the reporting platform for CC1 and the golden source for master data, financial integration and blockchain messaging. 

Flexible Reporting and Data Lineage

All the user interface modules that provide business functionality integrate to the same backbone database. Our mobile, web and desktop solutions all share the same integrated data platform. This enables seamless end to end reporting without the need for data-marts or aggregated repositories. 

Technical Platform Management

A structured and accessible technical architecture allowing for vendor supported  or in-house solutions. Technologies include industry standard toolsets and platforms. Reliability and security are critical for ensuring maximum up-time and limited support requirements. 

Data Sources

CC1 CDP integrates data from across the whole CC1 user interface suite which is generate internally. Externally generated data from exchange warehouses, pricing engines and blockchains can be stored for processing, reporting and analysis. Structured data required for regulatory reporting can be formatted for repositories and regulators. 


RDBMS and XML data formats, combined with a native mechanism for polling and messaging data to other platforms, allows CC1 to exchange and share data required across the systems estate.