CC1 Logistics

Business Challenge : Schedule and Track Global Deliveries

The operations team are critical to ensuring client satisfaction, by putting in place and executing the supply chain mechanisms that ensure the correct specification and quantity arrives on the correct date. By using allocations to shipments and despatch instructions, operators can monitor shipments end to end using both GPS and Blockchain tracking. 

Loading Documents

Use standard  and develop bespoke chain of custody documents for loading, shipment and insurance. Monitor and track total loading per location and in-transit. 


Develop reliable listings of product and associated transport assets, allowing for date based dispatch and delivery. Control demurrage based processes. 

In-Transit Stock

Identify quickly shipments that are in-transit and estimated arrival dates. Plan storage and production capacity to align with shipment events. 

Delivery Tracking

All delivery events can be captured using GPS and QR code tracking, associated loading and delivery events hosted in  carriers systems and applied to CC1 Blockchain. 


Review entire chain of custody and digital signature of all participants, captured with any number of security credentials. Project full chain of custody on Google Earth.