Our Company

How long has PCR been in business?

PCR was founded in 1980 as an economic research consultancy specialising in the application of quantitative techniques to commodity market forecasting. Our products have been developed over a period of 35 plus years, initially with Caja, and now Origin, Lab, Warehouse and HashNex.  

What is the background of PCR’s Directors ?

The directors’ many years of experience in commodity research and origin procurement afford unique insight into our commodity trade customers’ requirements.

Who do we work with to deliver projects ?

With our broad experience of working across a wide variety of projects and disciplines, we have accumulated a list of trusted associates and technical advisors that we work with on our projects. We are happy to work with and recommend our associates.


Quick to Deploy

Available to deploy using a number of connection methods and database structures, using SQLAnywhere and Mobi-Link and industry templates. 

Robust & Reliable

PCR products have been developed over a 20 year period in collaboration with a diverse client group, currently operating across many different countries.  

Integrated Farmer, Transport, Supply Chain and Trading

The CC1 Suite ffers single trading and supply chain solution for primary commodity originators, traders and consumers.