International Trade and Commodity Value Chains

Agricultural Development & Sustainable Farming

Origination (Farm, Mine), Field Force (Audit & Training) solutions to support the development of primary resource origins. 

Commercial Farming & Soft Commodities

Farm to fork software solutions from origination through international trade to intermediate and final consumer, including risk management and logistics. 

Food Processing, Certification & Traceability

GPS, QR and Blockchain related transaction tracking solutions to follow ingredients from source to final product through bills of materials and production process. 

Gold & LME Warrants

Specialist trade finance integration for the Metals industry and related warrants and trade finance industries. 

Trading & Supply Chain

Combining the origination solutions with the long/short position required by traders for risk management and valuation of position and stocks, mark to market and P&L. 

Trade Brokers

Complete end to end token or currency based trade solutions including warrants, haircut and rents management. Developed to support funds from $20m to $100m.