Case Studies

Development Foundation

We have deployed a multi country smallholder farmer administration platform for an agricultural development programme. The solution uses Collect, Origin, Warehouse and Trade Solutions. 

International Trader

Our client, an international soft commodities trader needed a global solution to capture contracts, stocks, positions and risk information. CC1 provided a tailored solution, which was quick to deploy and adopt. 

End Processor

The food processing industry requires the management of market risk and contracts to operate and oversee raw material costs. CC1 provides the platform to control and monitor stocks and input costs with traceability. 

Food Logistics

Ensuring raw materials arrive on time and to specification were the primary requirement. CC1 Trade supported the  contract and CC1 Logistics the off-take information to ensure the production process was never interrupted. 

International Bank

Our international banking client required a mechanism to connect to  several exchanges and to operate a number of warrant management positions. CC1 Trade and CC1 Warehouse were used to control stocks and warrant positions.  


Finding a Farm to Fork solution for our client that showed all traceable events in the chain of custody was their critical requirement. We needed to show all activities, events and people in the whole value chain. The full CC1 suite was used to achieve a fantastic result.