CC1 Trade

Business Challenge : Integrate Trading and Operational Risk

Use CC1 Trade to Capture purchase and sale contracts with a standard or client specific set of business data and rules, to build a realtime view of the long/short physical position of trading. Ensure that contract data is captured correctly and completely using real-time warnings and controls.  

Global Stock Management

Manage fixed and mobile stock locations to a single aggregated view, monitoring in-transit and afloat stocks. Determine total stock by grade and age and show the current stock horizon of supply and demand based on contracts. Show complete chain of custody for all stocks using blockchain based traceability and tracking.  

Hedging & Forex

Manage financial instruments for both hedging and speculative positions. Take control of futures and options to manage currency and related physical contract exposure. Use CC1 Trade to show cashflow positions associated with current trading lifecycles to includes outstanding receipts and payments of cash. 

Mark to Market & Valuation

Apply industry standard and regulation compliant valuations to stocks and positions. Apply master data to reporting structures to facilitate simple and complex reporting requirements.  


Load, manage and operate trade finance based warrant opportunities and positions. Integrate with exchanges and execute contracts. 

Settlement & Accounting

A multi-currency double-entry accounting system with provisional and final sales invoices. Supporting Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and financial reporting.